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When it comes to vineyard insurance, Vineyard Protect has developed a comprehensive & competitive insurance programme specifically designed for the growing industry.

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Grape pressing can introduce the risk of contamination if adequate hygiene measures are not followed.

Property Damage

Grape pressing requires storage tanks to hold the extracted juice Ascend arrange cover to protect against property damage resulting from leaks, spills, or other accidents that may occur during the pressing process.

Personal Injury

Grape pressing activities require careful handling and operation of machinery and coverage will be necessary to protect against potential injuries that can occur to workers involved in the pressing process.


Grape pressing involves the use of specific equipment such as presses or crushers. Insurance coverage may be sought to protect against equipment damage or breakdown, which can lead to production disruptions or loss of grape juice.


The pressing of the grape is an essential step in wine production but also large risk area, where grapes are crushed to extract juice, which is then fermented to make wine. While grape pressing is a crucial part of winemaking, it also poses some risks that may be considered for insurance coverage.

Product Liability

Once the grape juice is extracted, and the fermentation is complete the wine will be sold  to consumers. Ascends Insurance policies will ensure that the product liability protect against potential claims or legal disputes arising from issues, and product recall extensions to be included.

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